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How to Be a Billionaire…

First some facts:
  1. There are 1,645 billionaires in the world (2014, Wikipedia)
  2. About 2/3 or just under 1,100 of them were self-made.
  3. There are 442 billionaires in the U.S., I will assume for simplicity they were all self-made (not true).
  4. There are 7.1 billion people on the planet.

Now some steps:

Part 1 of 3: Creating Opportunities

  1. Study up
  2. Start saving money
  3. Start an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
  4. Pay off your credit card debt
  5. Make a five-year plan

Part 2 of 3: Investing

  1. Buy real estate
  2. Invest in business
  3. Buy and sell stocks
  4. Put your money into Money Market Accounts (MMAs)
  5. Invest in government bonds

Part 3 of 3: Maintaining Wealth

  1. Consult brokers for good advice
  2. Diversify your portfolio and investments
  3. Make smart financial decisions
  4. Know when to get out
  5. Act the part


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